Braydon's Battle

Days like today... really make me wish I was a huge and famous celebrity photographer/musician/actor/artist whatever. Just the thought that a single post online could be seen by millions of people is something I'm envious of in this moment. This little boy's name is Braydon. He just turned 3 years old, and he has a rare form of Job syndrome, also known as hyper-IgE syndrome. Basically his skin is constantly covered in painful sores and itchy rashes. I recently was asked by a friend to come out to a car show benefit and volunteer my photography to help. The car show was to help raise funds to assist in all the medical bills the family is dealing with trying to help little Braydon live a happier and healthier life. You'll notice he's wearing little superhero themed velcro sleeves over his arms... that's so he can't scratch his skin raw... because it's just a constant itch and pain this little boy feels 24/7, and because of this he is constantly susceptible to infection. Braydon loves cars... it was such a cool thing to see this little boy so excited and happy that day seeing all these awesome cars everywhere. Joy is a powerful thing... even when you don't feel good at all. 


Now until December 31, I will be selling all prints of automobile photographs I took at Braydon's car show benefit. Profits will go to help with the family's medical and travel expenses. Not only do you help a little boy and his family, you also get some of my favorite photos to date. With Christmas right around the corner... what better way to buy a photo? I've always been a huge car enthusiast, but haven't had many opportunities to photograph cars that I truly admire and that actually benefit someone. Thank you, and love to all of you.


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